Introducing DUSK!

Sarah-Louise is proud to announce we are now stockists for DUSK lampshades!!

 Want to jazz up a room in your house? Wanting something unique, bespoke with a handmade edge?

 With two sizes to pick from all you have to do is choose the fabric and within a click ( aka 2-3 working days) you will have your one of a kind DUSK lampshade!

 Unicorns, nautical, sealife, floral, classic spots & stripes, hot air balloons, woodland animals and much more…….LAMPSHADES GALORE!

20cm or 30cm? Pendent or Lampshade? SO MANY DECISIONS!

 Don’t worry your not the only one getting excited!

 I suggest to begin with decide the room / colour scheme and then come into Sarah-Louise and pick your fabric ( picking the fabric will 100% be the hardest part so be warned!!!)



I currently have a IKEA lampshade in my bedroom but thats soon going to change! TOO MANY FABRICS TO CHOOSE FROM!! I’m thinking Flamingos?!

 DUSK will soon be receiving a order from me thats for sure, I plan to get in before the Christmas rush! 

 For more information and current updates on DUSK please like and visit their facebook page:

 You can also order your bespoke lampshade through the DUSK facebook page or via the shop!

Sarah-Louise Xx

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