So last week I left my mum un-attended for ONE day in the shop. 

 Safe to say she gets very over excited about Wool, Colour, Fabric, Crafts…. you name anything creative and she gets excited! (Good attitude to have)

 My Wool man came to see her on Wednesday and I got a rather unexpected delivery on Friday…… 3 BOXES LATER!!

 I will admit, the Wool she has brought into the shop is WONDERFUL even tho currently struggling to find space in our small shop! 

All the Wool is now online and priced up in the shop.

 Right so, where to start! 

Botany Lace by Debbie Bliss!

 Not only is this 100% Wool Blend super soft but the colours just POP when knitting with them! I can see a knitted hat in this or maybe a crocheted scarf? This Wool will add vibrant colour tones to your winter wardrobe!

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