Hygge Adventure

First post of 2017!

Hope you all had a wonderful festive period and a happy start to 2017!

As always Christmas just disappears within a flash and its January, back to work… back to routine… its cold, dark, wet (most days) and money is limited. You hear people call January the worst month of the year but I think they are wrong. No such thing as January blues in my eyes…

Just before the New year celebrations my boyfriend brought me a book called ‘The Little Book of Hygge’ The Danish way to live well. I had heard of Hygge through a radio chat in the summer and interior magazines but never researched much into it.

Lets just say within 2 hours of purchasing this book, my boyfriend and I had booked a mini adventure to Denmark for 8 days time. LAST MINUTE HOLIDAYS ARE JUST THE BEST. We were very fortunate to both be able to have the time and money to go within such short notice but I would 100% do it again.

I began reading the book and after 2 nights I had finished it. I couldn’t put it down.

‘Hygge’ is so much more than cosiness. It’s where all your senses are evoked by just feeling good. Its all about good company, good surroundings, happiness, candles, warm drinks, blankets and just a period of time where you are just really content.

As stated by Meik Wiking ‘ It is about a atmosphere, an experience, rather than about things. It is about being with the people that we love. A feeling of home. A feeling that we are safe and shielded from the outside world’

I won’t give much more away about the book as it is worth a read!

Knowing that I was going to Copenhagen in 8 days I frantically started research things to do. As we were only going for 3 days, and already had a long list, we were determined to see everything……. AKA WOOL AND FABRIC SHOPS!!!!! Not so much my boyfriends choice….

Yes I know you must think I’m crazy, I own a Wool and Fabric shop, surely I don’t need anything else? WRONG… In my eyes entering creative shops gives me so much inspiration for new stock, colour layout, storage, my own stash etcetcetc. I also enjoy collecting wool and fabric designed/ spun/ produced in the country that I  have visited. To be fair its also nice to support other local wool and fabric shops.


Uldstedet Kobenhavn- Wool Shop, Copenhagen


Sommerfugen- Wool Shop, Copenhagen


I purchased a Wool produced and spun in Denmark and Sweden for only 85 Krones (about £9.00) a skein. The colours were vibrant, eye catching and this colour matched my gloves! Couldn’t leave it on the shelf.


Find out more about Hjelholts Uldspinderi here.



I.W Hvidberg- Fabric Shop

I also found the oldest fabric shop in Scandinavia, I.W Hvidberg. The amount of fabric they had in this shop was just INSANE… Lets just say I wish I had taken more than just hand luggage 😦

From reading online blogs about Copenhagen I discovered a shop called RETRO VILLA. This shop sold Vintage wallpaper by the metre. AMAZING!!!! Well worth a visit if you are visiting Copenhagen. The designs of the wallpaper were so inspiring and once again I only wish I had brought a big suitcase instead of just hand luggage. Luckily I managed to find a small piece from the sale box which was suitable for my little suitcase. Into the nesting box the wallpaper goes.


Not all Hygge moments were in Wool & Fabric shops…

Due to the very cold weather, Caramel Latte stops were very regular to warm ourselves up as well as Danish Pastries!



Hygge is all about moments of happiness and comfort when surrounded by loved ones, beautiful places and favourite things; so maybe this 2017 make sure you find the time to do something that makes you feel that ‘Hygge feeling’ such as dusting off your sewing machine? Picking up your knitting needles? Finishing off all those un-finished projects? or maybe book a cheap and last minute trip to Denmark to explore the Wool & Fabric shops!!!

Hope you have enjoyed reading about my Hygge adventure!

Sarah-Louise Xx

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