Lara Knitting

WOW… How is it Christmas Day tomorrow?

Every time I have gone to start writing a Blog post, my knitting needles just look more appealing especially after sitting on a sewing machine all day. Alterations have been flying left, right and centre which is fantastic as it makes time zoom past!

After being at the shop all day I enjoy coming home to a Christmassy house, sitting in front of the fire and picking up my knitting needles. Don’t get me wrong I adore my sewing machine, but its nice to wind down and still be doing something creative on the sofa in front of a good film.

Over December I have knitted many samples for the shop but my favourite so far is LARA by Debbie Bliss. Colours available in the shop can be seen here . We already have two wonderful garments knitted in LARA but I wanted to show  some options to our customers on how they could use this wool. I decided to keep it simple and easy and produce a snood using 2 balls of LARA. I cast on 25 stitches and did plain knit until I had used up both balls and then simply sewed up both ends together.

LARA- Charcoal and Grey. Alpaca and Merino Wool Mix.

This Wool was nothing but beautiful. It is super soft, and just glides off the needles when knitting with it. I managed to finish this snood within a night and a half and for only £25.90!! The colours are also very natural (reminding me of the Alpaca fleece within the mix, MY ALL TIME FAVOURITE!) Perfect colour tones to go with any winter coat.


Over the Christmas Break I was hoping to sit on my new overlocker and start thinning my ever growing stash of fabric but if I’m honest I’m desperate to knit with this wool again.

Now to decide what to make….. AH!

Hope you all have a wonderful relaxing Christmas and a happy new year full of sewing, crafting and knitting! Thank you to all my customers for inspiring me everyday!

Sarah-Louise Xx

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