Halloween Knitting

So the one year celebrations of the opening of Sarah-Louise has been and gone. Last week I had been meaning to write a new blog post but time just flew by. Our one year anniversary was one of our best weeks in the shop so far, so it was a positive week!

So since my last blog post the nights are getting darker and my winter coat is being worn. The evenings are getting colder and my dad has officially started lighting the open fire. Cup of tea, Bake off & Knitting… best time of the year (other than christmas)

Other than  sitting in being a TV hugger I have weekly meet ups with my lovely crochet and knitting ladies, Phina and Brenda. To sum the evening up; lots of wool, discussing life and current projects and GIN! I always feel inspired after meeting up with these ladies, its refreshing to swap ideas and discuss current projects.

During our last meet up, Phina appeared with her latest creation…



A MINI KNITTED WITCH!  Perfect for Halloween. I nearly melted with how sweet it is!

Phina has decided to sell the pattern in the shop for £4.

The pattern is easy and quick  and I’m sure will receive compliments when it is sitting next to your freshly carved pumpkin!



To purchase this pattern simply email via the website www.sarah-louisedesigns.com  or visit the shop in Arundel, West Sussex.













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