National Wool Week!

Calling all Spinners, Tapestry Makers, Felt Makers, Knitters, Crocheters, Crafters…

This week we have a HUGE excuse to do what we love; IT’S NATIONAL WOOL WEEK!

Time to celebrate all things Wooly!

Here at Sarah-Louise we have a wide range of 100% wool hanks as well as wool blends.

Falkland Aran by Debbie Bliss is our latest 100% wool collection to enter the shop! I fell in love with this collection so much it has been a past blog post. So I won’t bore you and repeat myself but to sum the collection up…


Check it out on my website ( for all the information. There is one hell of a story behind it though, I’m talking; FALKLAND ISLANDS, FREE ROAMING SHEEP AND SPINNING IN YORKSHIRE!

Another past 100% wool collection that is still my absolute favourite is produced by the company Colinette.

Unfortunately, since the beginning of the year Colinette stopped selling wholesale which means this wool is difficult to find anymore!

To put it bluntly – I was devastated!

This wool is just pure perfection.

Produced and spun in Wales, this wool is magical to touch, work with and witness. The colour combinations are indescribable, and if I’m honest very, very hard to beat!

From looking round the shop for inspiration for National Wool Week it occurred to me that I only have two collections that have been produced and spun in the British Isles. Although I love all the brands that I stock in my shop, it surprised me at how little was produced in the UK.

This has motivated me to research into finding a small company which sheers and spins only British wool. To find something with a story and something with character! If I had some land it would be filled with sheep. I’ve got the spinning wheel and the motivation… All I need now is the sheep!


If you, as a customer know of any British wool companies who you would recommend then please do let me know! All the help and advice would be appreciated.

Sarah-Louise Xx

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