Can’t quite believe I’m typing this BUT Christmas isn’t far away especially if your wanting to make Christmas Crafts! 

 We have a range of festive fabrics now in the shop and online ranging from kissing festive bunnies, to classic candy stripes and stars, to pixies, penguins, reindeer, Christmas trees and much more!

 Once again, I left my mum in charge of the Christmas Fabric ( which I have to say we ordered in April!!!!!) I just couldn’t get my head around the fact we were ordering Christmas Fabric before Summer had even arrived so I let my excited mum decide! I must say she did a good job (always does) as I am in LOVE!


We also have in the shop a Advent Pocket Fabric! All you have to do is cut out the squares, pick either a plain Christmas green or red  from our selection or maybe a subtle candycane stripe and sew the pockets on! Maybe add some pompoms or glittery ricrac for a crafty twist!


Not only do we have Christmas Fabric we also have a wide range of Christmas Ribbons, Christmas Felt and soon to be in the shop… KNITTING KITS produced by our lovely local knitters such as Christmas Trees, Gingerbread Houses and much more ! (Watch this space!)


In my eyes, Handmade Christmas gifts are always the best! Especially Christmas decorations for the tree! I like the thought of in 20 years time, getting out all my Christmas decorations and remembering the memories and person who made or gave them to me! 

Safe to say all my family and friends will be getting handmade presents from me…

 Talking about Handmade Presents I am about to try and tackle socks. I’ve always wanted to make a pair but never had the confidence to crack out those circular needles. But today on this October morning I’m planning on giving it a shot (after many youtube tutorial videos- every knitter I ask about circular needles pull a funny face and shakes their head)

I’m going to use Debbie Bliss Sock Wool and also one of her patterns, which I must add we have in the shop! so wish me luck…. lets see how long it takes me before it ends up in the corner of the room with the cat.

 I’ll let you know how it goes…

 Remember we do a Click & Collect option on our website, browse through our fabric from your sofa and collect from the shop. Saves on postage! 

 I hope this gives you the inspiration to start thinking about what Christmas crafts you would like to complete this year!


Sarah-Louise Xx

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