Autumn Preparation

This week we have had a special delivery for the Autumn months (which I hate to say isn’t far away) from Debbie Bliss Luxury Brand ‘Pure Bliss’. 

 This 100% Wool from the Falkland Islands  has been developed by well known Yorkshire spinner Laxtons. This Falkland yarn is pure and organically farmed in the Falklands with no use of pesticides or dips. The sheep are allowed to roam freely in their natural habitat for most of the year, only coming in for shearing. 

This Yarn Collection has a range of striking eye catching colours that makes you want to grab your knitting needles and start knitting one of cabled fisherman styled patterns that complete the collection. 


Choosing colours for the shop was hard. With such a wide colour scale and only a certain amount of room left in the shop I decided to stick with colours that caught my eye straight away.

Mustard, Ginger and Basil just clicked.  I could see a knitted snood/cowl in the Mustard as a statement piece. A Striped jumper in all three colours, perfect warm autumnal colours.


Charcoal complimented Blossom and Claret! Something more subtle with a feminine touch. My mum feel in love with the Blossom and is already determined to knit a cardigan in it.

This Wool is sure to be popular not only because its produced by Debbie Bliss but also because of its story, its background, its colours and its touch.


Be sure to visit us today to browse through the pattern books and see for yourself how wonderful this wool is OR shop online for a delivery straight to your door where ever you may be! 

Sarah-Louise Xx

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